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Practicing Judicious Discipline

Practicing Judicous Discipline:

An Educator's Guide to the Democratic Classroom, 4th Ed.

Edited by Barbara McEwan Landau

Praciticing Judicious Discipline: An Educator's Guide to the Democratic Classroom is designed for use with Judicious Discipline (Caddo Gap Press) or by itself. The book offers strategies for how to apply concepts of democratic management at every grade level. The book contains a series of successfully tested and ready-to-implement lesson plans for creating and maintaining democratic school and classroom environments at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

The first part of the book offers application of democratic practices with attention to alternative assessment, whole language, varied learning styles and specific experiences shared by teachers using this approach.

The lesson plans presented in part two provide strategies for introducing democratic management in the classroom, teaching ethics and cooperation, understanding rights and rules, establishing consequences, presenting due process, and applying such concepts in the areas of English as a Second Language, mathematics and other subjects. Some of the lesson plans are appropriate for all levels, while others are specific to the elementary or secondary grades.

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