DMV-CALC - N.Y.S. Auto Dealers can calculate DMV fees on any PC!

DMV-CALC Operating Hints -

  1. How to restart DMV-CALC midway in a calculation:
    At any Y/N or single number entry, press Q and DMV-CALC will restart from the top (clearing ALL entries).

  2. How to restart Use Tax selection midway in area:
    If you pass the county and are still in the Use Tax section, press R to return to the first group of counties.

  3. How to print the DMV-CALC screen from Windows:
    a. Press/hold Alt key then press Print Screen (PrtScn) key.
        [Note: If Windows dialog/info box appears, check option for it never to appear again then restart process.]
    b. Open MS-WORD or WordPad to a blank document.
    c. Click the Edit pull-down then Paste or simply use Ctrl-V shortcut key.
    d. Resize image if desired then print the page.

  4. How to toggle DMV-CALC Window<>Full Screen viewing modes:
    Press/hold ALT key then press ENTER key (once). Press again to return to Window mode.

  5. Transfer/Reregistration - Old Registration Annual Fee entry:
    Be sure to enter value shown in the Annual Fee field of the original registration and NOT the total amount paid.

  6. Number of Liens:
    If the lender has filed an electronic lien, enter 0 for number of liens, asked after selecting Y to Title Transfer.

  7. Plate Transfer with Expired Registration:
    Here is a two step procedure to calculate transaction fee for a plate transfer with an expired original (old) registration.
        [Note: Expiration date must be within 12 months of the Temporary Registration Issuance Date to proceed otherwise process as new plate.]
    1. Perform DMV-CALC Renewal calculation. This renews the original registration as of the expired date. Record transaction total.
    2. Perform DMV-CALC Transfer/Re-Register calculation using the just renewed expiration date at "Old Registration Expiration Date".
    The total for the transaction = Renewal $ + Transfer $.

  8. Corporate Registrations:
    When completing the Vehicle Registration/Title Application MV-82, if you checked Yes at "Is this registration for a corporation or partnership", then in DMV-CALC when you encounter the Corporate Registration prompt, you should enter the Temporary Registration date as it appears on the MV-82. DMV-CALC will calculate the Corporate proration fee through end of month since Corporate registrations expire on the last day of the month.
Calculating Pickup Truck Registration Fees -

Vehicles with body type: Pickup having an unladen weight of 5500 pounds or less, can have passenger plates*.
The DMV still collects Commercial (COM) fees. Select Commercial Registration for this transaction.

* Refer to Information for Pick-Up Truck owners and complete Vehicle Registration/Title Application MV-82 Section 6 Additional Vehicle Information, Item 4 accordingly. DMV identifies a Pick-Up with Passenger Plates as type "PK" on the transaction.
Why should I update to DMV-CALC Ver 8.4?

  1. DMV-CALC Ver 8.4 has the new HIGHER Wyoming County Use Tax Fees.
  2. DMV-CALC Ver 8.3 has the new HIGHER Suffolk County Use Tax Fees.
  3. If you haven't updated in years, your version may not reflect other changes instituted by the DMV.
  4. DMV-CALC will install and run in ANY version of Windows.
  5. Install DMV-CALC in as many PC's at the same store as you wish.
  6. All counties that collect Use Tax are included.
  7. DMV-CALC knows how to calculate reregistrations.
  8. Includes Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) Supplemental Registration Fees.
  9. Clear, concise transaction presentation for you and your customer.
  10. NYS DMV fee calculation is a no-brainer with DMV-CALC.
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