This photo was taken in very nasty weather & lighting conditions. When I took this photo I did not have the benefit of computers to enhance the contrast and detail - leaving me with a very flat photograph that would not reproduce well in a newspaper. Pacific Stars & Stripes liked the image and gave it to an artist to create a line drawing based on this photo.

About once a month, ROK army soldiers would visit the Po Wha orphanage and give haircuts to the children. This orphanage was 'adopted' by the Public Affairs office I was assigned to in Korea. We would visit every month or so (more often if we happened to be in the area for some assignement) to bring donated supplies and to have a barbeque for the children. The orphange is located above the 38th Parallel, about an hour away from the post where I was stationed, and only a few miles away from the DMZ.

R.O.K. 1984-85

This is a sample of work I did as an Army photographer/photojournalist while stationed in the Republic of Korea in 1984/85. I was fortunate to have had some of my work printed in the Pacific Edition of Stars and Stripes, the military newspaper for personnel stationed overseas. It was a highly enriching experience to learn a new language and learn about another culture while stationed in Korea.

Huey Cobra over Korea, field maneuvers, 1984

Korean Army soldier gives haircuts to orphans. Korea, 1984.

TEAM SPIRIT maneuvers, Korea, 1984/5.

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